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Why Arizona is the best for Assisted Living

Barrel cactus in Arizona

Arizona is a popular destination for retirees and seniors looking for assisted living for several reasons:

1. Climate: Arizona has a warm and dry climate, which can be beneficial for seniors with respiratory or joint problems. The dry climate can also be helpful for those with arthritis or other conditions that are worsened by humidity.

2. Cost of living: Arizona has a relatively low cost of living compared to other states, which can make assisted living more affordable for seniors.

3. Healthcare facilities: Arizona has a number of world-class healthcare facilities, including the Mayo Clinic and Banner Health, which provide high-quality medical care and services to seniors.

4. Variety of assisted living options: Arizona offers a wide range of assisted living options, from small, family-owned facilities to larger, resort-style communities. This allows seniors to find the right fit for their individual needs and preferences.

5. Access to recreational activities: Arizona offers a variety of recreational activities for seniors, including golfing, hiking, and cultural events. This can help seniors stay active and engaged, which is important for their physical and mental health.

6. Senior-friendly environment: Arizona has a reputation for being a senior-friendly state, with a variety of resources and services available to seniors, including transportation, senior centers, and volunteer opportunities.

Overall, Arizona's climate, cost of living, healthcare facilities, and variety of assisted living options make it an attractive destination for seniors looking for a high quality of life in their golden years.

According to the latest ValuePenguin study, Arizona ranked incredibly high in multiple categories. The first category analyzed looked at long-term care utilizing metrics such as: cost, access to care, and quality of care. Those 3 metrics can be further analyzed below…

  • “Cost of Care: Average annual nursing home costs for a shared room, average annual assisted living facility costs, and average wages among home health care aides.

  • Access to Care: Density of home health care aides, medical professionals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

  • Quality of Care: Average Quality of Patient Care Star Rating, nursing staff hours per resident daily, number of outpatient emergency department visits per 1,000 long-stay resident days and the percentage of long-stay residents whose need for help with daily activities has increased since admittance.”

Please visit the source of this information at Value Penguin to obtain a more in depth understanding of the numbers and rankings.


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